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Frequently Asked Questions


Being accredited means Calibration Connect conforms to set standards as described by the accreditation body IANZ and assures compliance with the required rules and regulations of IANZ and ISO 17025:2018.  ISO 17025:2018 is the international standard that specifies the general requirements for the competence of labs to carry out calibrations.  It helps ensure that all accredited organisations are performing services at a level that meets or exceeds the needs of end users (i.e. you the customer).  For all customers, it gives confidence that work performed by an accredited lab is reliable and of high quality.


Calibration Connect calibration reports are typically sent by email in PDF format. Reports can be provided as hard copies or in a different electronic format upon request. Please see reports and labels for more details.


Calibration Connect's standard pricing is cost-effective for customers requiring per-item calibrations. Discounted pricing is available for customers with many items of equipment requiring calibration over a period of time. Please see calibration service agreements for more details.


As an Electrician or Electrical Service Technician, you should ensure that all test equipment you use is calibrated at regular intervals (multimeters, Insulation testers, PATs, and RCD/LOOP testers, etc). This ensures that the equipment you use is safe and reliable for the wellbeing of yourself, your co-workers, and your customers. Please see safety and reliability and why calibrate for more details.


The answer to this question varies from customer to customer and is dependant on a number of factors including: type and condition of equipment, standards your organisation must adhere to, level of risk which is acceptable to your organisation, equipment manufacturer recommended calibration periods, etc. The majority of equipment calibrated by Calibration Connect is carried out once a year. 


Calibration Connect understands the need to have equipment returned as quickly as possible to maximise equipment uptime, this is why one of our main objectives is to provide a fast efficient service whenever possible. Prebooked equipment will typically be calibrated within two working days of the equipment being received.

Calibration Connect will endeavour to complete any urgent or short notice calibration where possible (i.e. same-day return, after hours/overnight return, or weekend). Contact us with your calibration requirements, including time limitations etc.


As a manufacturer, you should ensure that all the equipment used within the production process (from design and manufacture, through to assembly and quality testing) are calibrated at regular intervals. This ensures that the equipment used and the end product is safe and reliable for the wellbeing of your employees and customers a like. Please see safety and reliability and why calibrate for more details.


To enable Calibration Connect to provide an accurate quote for the price and time required to calibrate equipment, please provide as much information about the equipment as possible. Please include as many of the following details as possible when you contact us:

  • Make / Brand
  • Model / Part Number
  • Serial Number
  • Brief description
  • Quantity to be calibrated (if more than one piece of equipment)
  • Level of testing required, e.g.
    • as per a previous calibration certificate
    • to manufacturer's specifications
    • to a particular standard
    • at specific points or range of points
  • Equipment availability or time constraints for calibration

Various options are available for freighting your items to/from our office.

We can offer very competitive shipping rates for a range of items through our preferred courier and freight service provider GoSweetSpot (check them out for your own business if you send items regularly). 

Use your own freighting service to send items to us, along with a courier ticket for return if preferred.  Alternatively, we can email you courier tickets generated through GoSweetSpot for you to print on a suitable printer.

Even better savings can be made by sending several items together in one consignment.

Contact us to discuss shipping options further.


Calibration Connect will manage the calibration for you. If Calibration Connect can not complete the calibration in-house, we will contact our specialist providers to find someone who can. Calibration of equipment through the specialist provider will typically cost you no more than if you had gone direct because of the discount agreement between the provider and Calibration Connect.